Best Buy of The Month

Best Buy of The Month

Standard Hosting Package

Coupon code: C01HM

  • HK$1180/year (Original : HK$1680/year)
  • one .com domain, e.g.
  • 500MB website hosting storage,
  • one email box with 500MB storage, e.g.

Advanced Hosting Package

Coupon code: C02HM

  • HK$1280/year (Original : HK$1780/year)
  • one .com domain, e.g.
  • 500MB website hosting storage,
  • 5 email boxes with total 500MB storage, e.g.

Professional Hosting Package

Coupon code: C03HM

  • HK$1680/year (Original : HK$2280/year)
  • one .com domain, e.g.
  • 1GB website hosting storage,
  • 10 email boxes with total 1000MB storage, e.g.


Input the coupon code on the Application Form in order to get discount!
Domain registration fee not included except for ".com" domain name
The above offers are applicable to new " .com " or " .net " or " .org " domain name application only
Other domain registration fee (e.g., .hk) is not included
All add-on service (e.g. SMTP, PHP and Mysql database service) is NOT included
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