Domain registration 域名登記註冊
How to apply
  1. Check and select the available domain name
  2. (a). Online Domain Application OR
    (b). Download Domain Application Form (PDF)
  3. Payment methods : ATM / FPS / Cash or Cheque deposit / Credit card via PayPal / TT
  4. Document required :
    (a). / .hk / .asia : a copy of valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate (i.e. HKBR copy, in .pdf / .jpg format) and it is NOT a branch certificate
    (b). / .cn : HKBR copy plus a copy of Hong Kong Identity Card (i.e. HKID, both sides in one page and in .pdf / .jpg format) of a contact person / representative / director from your company OR copy of your valid passport is also accepted
    (c). .hk and without HKBR : HKID OR passport is also accepted
    (d). : Exemption Letter 88 OR HKBR plus a full set of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
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