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Payment Method

    (a). direct cash deposit / cheque deposit / ATM / internet bank transfer to our HSBC bank account number as below :

    Bank A/C name : Comdex System
    Bank A/C No. : 589-071216-001

    Or using Fast Payment System (FPS) : registered email address : fps@domain.com.hk

    Then, fax or email back the deposit slip to (852)23872599 or info@domain.com.hk for confirmation

    (b). for oversea companies and do not has a bank account in Hong Kong, pay the money by telegraphic transfer (TT) from your country to our Hong Kong HSBC account. You should pay the TT handling charge for both sides. The one-time TT handling fee is HK$65 charged by Hong Kong HSBC bank. Pls check the TT handling fee in your country bank.
    Pls refer our BANK SWIFT CODE as below for TT payment :

    Beneficiary Bank Location : Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Bank Name : HSBC Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Bank Address : No.1 Queen's Road Central
    Beneficiary Account Number : 589-071216-001
    Beneficiary Name : Comdex System
    Beneficiary Address : Rm 2218-19, Fortune Commercial Building, 362 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
    Total amount : invoice fee + HK$65 + TT handling fee in your country bank

    Then, fax or email back the deposit slip to (852)23872599 or info@domain.com.hk for confirmation

    (c). or you can pay by PayPal using credit card (you should pay the PayPal administration charge). The one-time PayPal handling fee is 3.4% of the total application / renewal fee.
    If you want to change to pay by PayPal using credit card (Visa/ Mastercard), you may now click into below link directly :

    Payment link : http://payment.domain.com.hk/invoice

    Then, input : the invoice number and your customer ID (they can be found on the top right hand corner of the invoice). For example :

    Invoice no. : 538838
    Customer ID : CDGDE

    Then, click into <Invoice Check> button and follow instruction to settle the payment by credit card.


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