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Company email service

  • Apply your domain name mydomain.com
  • Use your domain to create email accounts name@mydomain.com
  • Service plans to select: 1 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 mailboxes or more mailboxes
  • Virus filter
  • Webmail support
  • POP3 support
  • An administration account provided to add / delete / change email addresses, setup email forward / make a copy and setup autoreply function
  • Support all kinds of domain names, e.g. .com.hk, .hk and .com domain names
  • 100MB per mailbox or specified
  • 5 mailboxes : HK$650/year
    10 mailboxes : HK$950/year
    15 mailboxes : HK$1250/year
    20 mailboxes : HK$1550/year
    25 mailboxes : HK$1850/year
    30 mailboxes : HK$2150/year
  • Other plans:
    1 mailbox (500MB) : HK$550/year
    1 mailbox (1GB) : HK$650/year
  • Domain name registration fee not included
  • Optional and add-on service:
    (1). add-on roaming SMTP server : HK$150/year
    (2). Additional 1 mailbox (100MB) : HK$150/year
    (3). Additional 5 mailbox (@100MB) : HK$300/year
    (4). Additional 1 mailbox (500MB) : HK$300/year
    (5). Additional 1 mailbox (1GB) : HK$400/year

  • Remarks :
  • If your local internet / broadband service company does NOT provide you a SMTP a/c and you want to send out email via Outlook / Outlook Express, then you may apply our add-on roaming SMTP a/c service (HK$150/year) for all email addresses under your domain name.
  • Before joining the add-on SMTP a/c service, you should check if your existing internet service provider / broadband service company has blocked the other SMTP a/c or not. Otherwise, it is possible that you cannot use the SMTP a/c even though you has paid.
  • Customers can setup the email address in Outlook / Outlook Express and we have the email setup instruction in Outlook / Outlook Express for your reference only. Users should have the knowledge and skill in email setup. Or you are strongly advised to find an experienced technical man to help.
  • Or you may apply our On-site Email Setup Service
  • Client should agree and accept the Service Usage Policy

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For more detail, please call 3162 3518 or Apply Now !

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