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for Comdex System Service Rules


This policy sets out what are considered as unauthorized, unreasonable or improper uses of the various communication, application and content services ("Services") provided by Comdex System. This policy applies to all subscribers and users of such Services. Failure to comply with any of the prohibitions under this policy may cause the relevant Services subscribed to be suspended or terminated by Comdex System or Comdex System to take any steps it considers reasonably necessary or appropriate forthwith without notice. Nothing in this policy is intended to override nor prejudice Comdex System's rights under its terms and conditions of service with the subscriber.

Prohibited Uses And Acts

The Services must not be used:

(a) For or in connection with any illegal activities;
(b) To breach another person's rights, including copyright or other intellectual property rights;
(c) To download, send or upload data of an excessive size, quantity or frequency or in any manner which adversely affects or may adversely affect Comdex System's network or service performance or which unreasonably hampers or may hamper other subscribers use of the Services;
(d) To distribute any tool that may compromise or breach any security features or harm or interfere with the normal operations of any network facility or service;
(e) To send or upload any content which is obscene, offensive, abusive, menacing, harassing or threatening in any way;
(f) For resale purposes unless specifically permitted under the terms and conditions of service with the subscriber;
(g) To send unsolicited commercial messages or contents.

Publication and Change of this Policy

This Policy is subject to change without prior notice by publication on Comdex System's Web site. Customers are responsible for monitoring this web site for changes.

This Policy was last changed on 1 Jan, 2009.

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