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Online Application - Shopify Startup Service Application (F020)

Step 1: Fill-in information
Step 2: Verify
Step 3: Confirmation

1. Domain information

Domain name to apply :
HK BR cert. no. :

(must be provided for .com.hk/.hk/.asia/.com.cn/.cn)
Document upload :

- for .com.hk/.hk please upload your valid HKBR copy
- for .com.cn/.cn please upload you valid HKBR & ID copy

2. Shopify Start up service (charge HK$)

2.1 Shopify Start up and setup service $1500

including one domain registration fee (1 year) for .com.hk or .hk or .com and 14 days trial

2.2Remark: e.g. type of your business (service provider / selling products)

3. Applicant information

Name :

( Mr / Ms / Mrs )
Company :
Address :
Phone :
Fax :
Email :

5. Payment method

cash / cheque deposit / ATM or HSBC bank transfer
Credit card by Paypal (+ 3.4% of total charge for admin fee)
Telegraphic transfer (TT) (+ all TT admin fee)
I/We agree with all terms and conditions applying domain.com.hk services (please tick)*

('*' required to be filled)

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